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WriteSonic was founded in 2021 and their main product is a writing assistant that can write any type of content, from blog posts, social ads, essays to emails and SEO content. With their latest release of ChatSonic they are a direct competitor to Chat GPT generating content and information via a conversational AI-Chat interface. 

What sets ChatSonic apart is their quality assurance measures. Any long-form content such as articles and website content is generated with a solid structure and headings and is also plagiarism-free. You can also choose their seo-friendly article generator to produce content increasing your website visibility in search engines. With over 60 different content formats, ChatSonic covers most content type needs, such as product descriptions, headlines, sms text, social ads and landing pages. 

Features of ChatSonic

  • Write full website copy and blog posts with ease
  • Write short texts such as headlines, intros or outlines
  • Get some inspiration from their Blog Idea Tool
  • Generate product descriptions for your e-commerce or Amazon store 
  • Have your Paid Ads written for Facebook, Google and other popular platforms
  • Create SEO-friendly content with their SEO Article Generator or Meta tags Generator

Advantages of ChatSonic

  • Plagiarism-free: ChatSonic produces completely original content that is guaranteed to be free from any plagiarism. 
  • Variety of purposes: ChatSonic can be used to write blog posts, social ads, essays, emails and more.
  • Cost-effective: Paid plan starting at $12.67 / month makes it an affordable solution for startups and freelancer 
  • Time-saving: ChatSonic can quickly provide quality content, which save time that you can use for other tasks.
  • SEO-friendly: Generate SEO-content by providing your own keywords or have Writesonic find them for you.

Disadvantages of ChatSonic

Lack of human touch: Like with any AI-Writing tool, generated content lacks human emotions and should be edited by a human

Slow loading time: Sometimes AI-Chat gets stuck or transitioning between the different features can be slow

Quality type is by default set to “Premium” which provides you with less word count in your monthly allowance, but I haven’t noticed much difference between them and no explanation of the differences is provided. Other quality types are Economy, Average, Good.  


Writesonic is specifically designed to help you generate your content and make it more engaging and appealing to your audience. You can choose what type of content you want to write by choosing between short-form content such as paid ads, landing page headlines, intros and conclusions or you can choose to write longer-form content such as blog posts, newsletters, emails, e-books and more. Writesonic is an affordable solution with a large variety of features and options making it a suitable tool for content-writer, social media marketers or blog owners. 


Free trial includes 6,250 words, which is a lot compared to other tools. Paid plans start at $12.99 per month.

Chatsonic Pricing Plans

FAQS about WriteSonic

Is WriteSonic any good?

WriteSonic is a great AI writing assistant offering a wide varity of writing possiblities, from blog posts, emails to seo meta tags and social media ads. The best part, you can include the latest Google data in its AI Chat tool unlike in other AI-Writing Tools. 

How does the pricing of WriteSonic compare to other AI writing tools?

WriteSonic has competitive pricing, starting at $12.67 per month depending on the type of content and how many words you need. They also offer a free plan, discounts on bulk orders and yearly plans.

What are the best features of WriteSonic?

WriteSonic is a great AI writing assistant offering a wide variety of content-writing possibilities, from blog posts, emails to seo meta tags and social media ads. The best part, you can choose to include the latest Google data in its AI Chat tool ChatSonic.

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