Review: Effortless Writing Solution

Home | AI-Writing Software Review | Review: Effortless Writing Solution is a good starting-point if you want to create articles (English only) fast just from a headline. With every written article the tool takes information from hundreds of sources and even cites them. The produced content is plagiarism-free and grammar-checked . With the SEO editor you can get keyword suggestions and the built-in SEO score enables you to further tweak your content for SEO. Interface


The four main features of are Research & Write Editor, SEO-Editor, Text Rewording and  Subtopic Discoverer.

Research & Write Editor:  You can switch between the AI-Written Draft and the SEO-focused Editor with the same text. Cited sources are shown paragraph by paragraph and can be viewed on the spot.  

SEO-Editor: With this editor you can SEO-optimize articles generated via the tool or from free text. It suggests keywords and provides an SEO score for your content so you can further optimize it for SEO. 

Text Rewording: This feature allows you to take a text and have it reworded. 

Sub-topic Discoverer: In this feature you can simply enter a main topic and the tool will generate a bunch of sub-topics that you can have written on the spot. 

Advantages of 

  • Creates original and plagiarism-free content from hundreds of sources 
  • Can provides detailed content quickly and efficiently 
  • Provides sources for each piece of information
  • Has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface 
  • Saves your work as you type, allowing you to go back and edit 
  • Allows you to upload articles directly to your WordPress site
  • Built-in SEO Editor providing keyword suggestions and SEO score

Disadvantages of 

  • Limited content formats to choose from compared to other writing assistants
  • No language support, generates and processes content in English only 
  • Charges per article, not per word, which can be limiting when generating short-form content 


Free Trial for 1 week, Basic Plan starts at $29 p/month Pricing



If you have a small business or a blog that you need some help with, can be a good option. It is a capable writing assistant that produces fresh and unique content in English. It can be used for SEO projects as it provides plagiarism-free content, suggests keywords and cites sources. But the tool has its limitation of providing content in languages and does not consider specific content formats such as ads, emails or SEO meta tags and therefore seems a bit overpriced compared to other tools.