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Choose the right AI-Content Tool for your needs

You probably heard of Chat GPT by now. Released in Nov 2022 by the Francisco-based company OpenAI – it has taken the internet by storm. With its chat-like interface users can request information to specific questions or for it to provide tailored articles. For many, it has been the first time they tried a Chatbot for writing and it blew them away. For days Chat GPT answered requests like “Write a birthday poem for my grandmother who turned 80” or more business-like “Write a thank you for subscribing email for my marketing newsletter subscribers” and the results were nothing compared to what they tried before. It is also an eye-opener to content writers and marketers on the possibilities and risks of these tools.

But Chat GPT isn’t the only AI-Writing tool out there. For this article, I tested and compared the most popular AI-Writing Tools on the market for you –  from tools that help with content creation to tools that help to optimize content for SEO and more. 

 What is AI-Writing Software?

AI-Writing Generators allows users to generate high-quality content quickly, as well as to automate mundane tasks such as editing and proofreading. The technology uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to understand the context of a given topic and generate content accordingly. AI-Writing software can also be used to help you in your topic research, assist in optimizing content for search engine optimization (SEO), translate written documents or write complex code.

Top 5 of the best AI-Writing Generator 

Let’s have a look at the Top 5 popular AI-Writing Tools today on the market:

WriteSonic Logo

1. Chat Sonic by Writesonic

ChatSonic gets its training from Google search, providing an edge over Chat GPT. It talks to you in real-time on current events and trending topics. It is reliable and secure, and can quickly generate content for any purpose. Free trial for up to 6,250 words, pricing starts at $12.67 per month.

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2. Chat GPT by OpenAI

Chat GPT uses natural language processing to create personalized content and can answer followup questions, admit mistakes and challenge incorrect premises in a conversational manner thanks to the dialogue format. Chat GPT is currently free, but has limited access during peak time. A subscription-based model is currently trialing for $20 per month.

Jasper AI Logo

3. Jasper AI

Jasper is an AI-Content Generator with a chrome extension that helps you produce novel content. You can use open-ended commands and it can write a wide range of textual content at a click – making it simple for anyone to produce any type of written content. With pricing starting at $49 per month, it’s more on the expensive side of AI-Writing Tools.

AI-Writer Logo

4. AI-Writer

AI-Writer is a AI-Generation platform that utilizes the latest AI-Writing models to come up with articles based on just a headline. It also summarizes the top 20 results from Google, so users can quickly access information to gain insight into any topic and identify the most relevant sources. On top of that, the platform also offers additional features such as plagiarism detection and content optimization. Free Trial is 1 week. Basic Plan starts from 29$ per month.

Rytr Logo

5. Rytr Writing Assistant

Rytr is an AI-Writing assistant that provides an automated way to create unique copies in popular styles and languages in a very short period. Pick a use case, type in the relevant information and you can choose from over 40 use cases and templates. The free plan includes 10k characters per month and with pricing starting at $9 per month, it’s one of the cheaper tools out there.

6 Benefits using an AI-Writing Generator

AI-writing Generators have many advantages, making them a great choice if you are looking to create unique content quickly. You can create content without needing to be an experienced writer due to helpful features an AI-Writing Tool offers, such as spell checking, grammar checking or asking for suggestions on topics. Here are some of the benefits of creating content with an AI-Generator:

1. It saves time and cost

The biggest advantage of using AI-Writing Tools is speed and cost. They can generate content in a fraction of the time and cost of hiring a human writer, while producing high-quality content quickly, freeing up time for other tasks.

2. Generates content in different formats

AI-Writing Generator can also be used to generate content for multiple formats such as articles, landing pages, social media posts, emails, scripts  and documents. 

3. Creates content for your target audience

By using machine learning and natural language processing, the AI-Writing tool can generate content that is tailored to fit specific audiences. This means that the AI-Writing tool can produce interesting and useful content that is more relevant to the user’s needs than a human writer. 

4. Makes your content search engine-friendly

Many AI-Writing assistants provide an option to include keywords. The AI assistant then produces content that is optimized for search engine visibility and can help your content rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP). 

5. Avoid plagiarism

AI-Writing assistants can help to cut down on plagiarism by detecting any similarities between texts.

6. It can write content in languages

AI-Writing assistants can be used to create content in multiple languages, which can help to reach more readers.

But AI-Writing Software also has Disadvantages

One of the biggest drawbacks of AI-Software is the lack of creativity and human touch. Below we explained some of the disadvantages when using AI-Writing Generators:

Lack of Human Touch: AI-Writing Software is unable to capture the nuances of language or transfer positive emotions that come with a human writer. 

Quality Issues: AI-generated content can sometimes lack attention to detail and may contain factual inaccuracies that can damage the reputation of your organization. 

Outdated facts: Many AI-Generator are not actively connected to the internet and may not be able to adjust to changing circumstances, trends, and reader expectations. 

Difficulties with Complex Topics: AI-generated content may have difficulty understanding complex topics and fill in the gaps with assumptions. 

Copyright Issues: Using AI to write content could lead to copyright issues, especially if the content is not properly attributed and credited.

Traditional writing vs. AI-Writing

Traditional writing has the advantage of being more personal. You can write about what you know and what you feel. This can be a powerful tool when writing about experiences, feelings and thoughts. 

AI-Writing software can improve your writing skills overall and avoid mistakes and help you scale your content production. 

Below we have compared traditional vs AI-Writing:

Efficiency: Traditional writing can take a long time to produce. AI-Writing Generator can speed up the creation of content. 

Organization: In traditional writing you need to keep track of many different elements such as sources, images, grammar and spelling as well as check for plagiarism. AI-Writing tools often allow for everything to be done in one place and offer additional assistance. 

Avoid mistakes: It is human to make mistakes in traditional writing, especially when being rushed for dead lines. AI-Writing Generator often provide integrated checks for spelling, grammar and plagiarism which at the same time can improve and strengthen your writing skills.

The Future of AI-Writing

Despite some of the drawbacks, the future for AI-produced content looks promising and is already being used in a variety of industries and applications – from generating legal documents to writing news articles. As the technology continues to improve and become more advanced, it will be able to generate even better content that is completely original and fresh as well as capture the nuances of language and create content that is personal and engaging. 

FAQ about AI-Writing

What is AI-Writing?

AI-Writing is a form of artificial intelligence that uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create original content. AI-Writing can be used to generate blog posts, articles, essays, emails, reports and other texts without any human input.

What are the Advantages of AI-Writing?

AI-Writing offers a number of advantages over traditional written content. It is faster, more accurate, and can create content that is tailored to a specific audience. AI-Writing also takes care of plagiarism, spelling and grammar.

What content can I create with AI-Writing?

AI-Writing can produce content in various formats, such as email copy, product descriptions, blog posts, articles, press releases and much more. It can also be used for research purposes, due to its ability to analyze large amounts of data and information.

Can I create code with AI-Writing?

AI-Tools can write code with greater accuracy that is syntactically correct and meets programming standards. It can also be used to automate coding tasks, generate code snippets, templates and even to develop entire programs. AI-Writing can help developers create bug-free code in a shorter amount of time, making it a valuable tool in software development.